About Us

Savoy collection was started in 2010 to provide African hospitality and tourism marketing services.

The organization has assisted various role players in hotel marketing, tourism bookings, product development and facilitation of interns and volunteers. In addidtion Savoy colleciton provides administrative services, often remotely as virtual assistant services.

 Currently Savoy collection provides following customers with services:

  • Students Go Abroad – South African ground handler for internship and volunteer placements
  • Savoy Hotels – hotel marketing and project management
  • Joe’s Easy Diner – development of franchise manual

 Some websites we started/ registered:






The company was started in 2011 by Jana Williams.

Mrs Williams has an MA in Intercultural Work in Conflict Management and a German Masters degree in Social Work. She has extensive work experience in internship and volunteer placements, tour operations, hospitality management, marketing and international development.

Mrs Williams is initially from Berlin, Germany but resides since 2004 permanently in South Africa and since 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa. She has also stayed in London, Kolkata and Johannesburg.

She did a few internships herself and was also an intern in Cape Town in 2002. She already placed interns in Southern Africa for another organization based in Berlin



We value honesty, commitment and professional service. We contribute to the advancement of training in South Africa, by training local people.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.